Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wii Update & DS Games I've Been Playing


Today another Wii Update has been released, it is for the WiiWare games that are going to come out in the US on May 12th. The whole world is getting this. There is no word on if the update will block the Wii Freeloader so people with one should be aware that future firmware updates can disable the use of it. The initial "wow" factor has worn off for me on Brawl where I don't feel like I need to play it all the time as if I'm missing out on something. I've unlocked all the characters, stages, have finished Classic mode with all characters, and I'm playing All Star mode now with each character. I haven't had too many WiFi battles, no one ever seems to be on my friends list when I'm on.

In other news, Pokémon Ranger: Batonnage just came out in Japan and ofcourse I've been playing it. I mean it's the same exact style as the previous game, except for a new feature known as Guard, which I assume are upgradeable parts to protect your styler from damage and/or make it stronger or something of the sort. It's a pretty good game, I just wish the English version was out soon so I know what is being said in the game. Sadly, as the current trend goes it seems Pokémon games are coming out 7 months after they are released in Japan, which means another October release is most likely going to happen. However I can always hope the game comes out in the US soon. Also in Japan they are doing a two episode Pokémon Ranger special featuring the Male character from the game and the Riolu event.

I have also tried Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword which basically just throws you into the game after the initial story screens are shown. Ofcourse since the game is Japanese I have no idea what is going on, but I'm sure the English version will be out in a few days so I'll know more then.

Time Hollow that anime style point-and-click Adventure looks interesting and has an awesome Opening sequence. Since it's a game where you need to read what is going on it's pretty impossible to play without any translation guide or knowledge of the Japanese language. The game may possibly come out in the US this year as it appeared on Atari's release list for Australia as early as next month. GameFly recently listed the game as having an August 30 release date in the US, so we'll probably have it eventually.

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