Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sonic Unleashed Confirmed by Sega - November release

Supposedly someone discovered these images on SEGA FTP. A patent was filed a week or few weeks ago for a game called Sonic Unleashed, and now these screenshots have surfaced. Since the graphics look a bit basic, this may be the new Sonic Wii game SEGA gas been working on. However, we can't really confirm or deny these pictures at the current time so it's all in speculation till it is confirmed they are real. The style of the game really reminds me of Sonic and the Secret Rings so this may in fact be a Wii game if it is real.

If this is real I hope it is a Wii game. The Nintendo audience seems to only be the one who really cares about Sonic. The 360/PS3 game was a terribly designed game and also didn't really sell very well. Sonic and the Secret Rings however has sold over a Million and so has Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games. I think it's fair to say that the Nintendo audience likes Sonic the most. Hope these are real and the game is for the Wii!

UPDATE: There is now a video of the game available on Youtube but I can't guarantee that it won't be taken down. I think this pretty much confirms the game is real, it looks to be sort of a standard looking Sonic game. Hopefully this game is for the Wii though! The game has been confirmed by SEGA for a November release but no platforms have been specified, however since one of the pics seems to be for the Official Nintendo Magazine cover and another is for the Play Magazine cover, the game may be multiplatform.

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Tristan H said...

I need to get this game, it looks so hot!