Saturday, March 29, 2008

Helpful Steps to Help You Finish A Game

Do you finish every game you have bought or received at one point or another? By finish I mean either the story mode or completing it 100% (completionist).

I haven't finished every game I own and I don't think I ever will. These days, finishing a game to me is just finishing the story mode. Not playing the extra modes or collecting all the items or anything like that. This is really my own fault for buying so many games all the time. I have 47 DS games and have only finished at least the main story mode on 19 of them (some of them you can't beat: Tetris, Brain Age, Big Brain Academy, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing). I mean someday I may go back to a game just to complete it 100% but with so many other games to play it is going to take a while for me to even consider going back to a game.

After the initial Brawl buzz had worn off, I still didn't feel like playing any of my other Wii games when I know I should be. I should try to finish some more before I get Mario Kart Wii on April 27th. Brawl is awesome and all, but it's not really the best thing since [insert whatever word here]. I should seriously stop buying Zelda games because I own almost all of them except for (OoT, MM, Link's Awakening, Four Swords Adventures) and maybe some others I can't even think about. I need to just sit down with one Zelda game, and play it until I'm finished.

For those wondering how to do this, I have came up with a short but easy guide to follow in order to help you finish games.

1.) Picking The Game You Want to Finish
It isn't simple to really just pick a game and finish it, I would know. The things to remember is that did you really have fun with the game and just got stuck, or did you get bored? You are probably going to want to play the ones you had fun with but got stuck on. If you choose the latter you will probably get discouraged and quit playing the game again. So just pick the games you remembered having fun with. Also, do not buy anymore games and don't try to play more than one game at once.

2.) Stay Away From Distractions
Easier said than done, I know. Basically this does not mean to ignore your life or anything of the sort because you don't want to become a blob your parents hassle all the time. Distractions to me means TV Programs, Movies, Cell Phone, School Work(just kidding), Friends(oh yes I just did say that), Siblings (unless you are responsible for them in some way), and anything else you can think of. Unless it's a really important distraction, you should just ignore all of those things so you can make some progress on your game.

3.) Have Food & Drink Close By
This could go under the distraction category if I said for you to get up and get food & drink while you are playing your game. Well don't; just have it close by. Everyone gets the munchies, but I would recommend something that isn't going to dirty up your system or controller, and a little healthier so you don't become a blob. Don't eat or drink anything that you know will go through your digestive system quickly, resulting you into having to take a bathroom break. But if you have to go, you have to go.

4.) What To Do When You Get Stuck
Okay so you made it past the part you were stuck on last time, but now you are stuck again. I know you feel discouraged, but don't give up. Just keep trying at it. Sometimes if it's something like a boss it's best just to take a short break so you can calm down and try again when you are level headed and not making sailors blush with your potty mouth. I know this sounds like a distraction by taking a break, but it actually has helped me many times in the past.

If you get stuck on a puzzle and you've tried it many times and are frustrated, you can always just use a guide. Do not go waste money on buying one of those fancy guides at a store. You can find tons of guides written by fellow gamers(often better than the guides that cost money) on sites such as for free. I know it may seem like you are cheating, but you aren't. You just got stuck and you don't want to be discouraged from your main goal of finishing the game because you couldn't solve one dumb little puzzle. Guides are helpful, just don't follow them word for word or you won't even enjoy the game.

You can also just simply ask fellow gamers on the internet or your friends for help. They may think you suck or whatever, but I guess that is just their problem now isn't it? If they were your friend they would be willing to help you without being a jerk to you. Friends who have played the game will sometimes remember having the same problem you had, and help you through it. I know I said to ignore friends, but not when they can be useful in helping you achieve your goal.

5.) When Should I Take A Break
I know, another distraction. Just kind of take a break every once in a while to rest your eyes, so you don't end up overly tired and with a neck ache from staring at a screen too long. Too many times I have refused to take a break, and lost sleep over it because my neck started to hurt. You can also use this time to take a bathroom break, and just calm down and take in some fresh air. This usually ends up helping me refocus on the game better, and help me overcome any little challenge or see something I didn't notice before. It's always best to take a break just to refresh your mind.

Well, I hope my little guide has helped you in some way. Please let me know if it has helped you by posting a comment, so I'll feel like my life isn't already a waste of air to breathe. :P

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