Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Brawl is on Tonight at Midnight!!!

As you know the Midnight Launch is tonight at 12 AM(which is actually tomorrow) and Daylight Savings Time also starts tomorrow as well.

I will head to GameStop at 11:30 PM and be back sometime after 12 AM and I will start up my game and find out my Friend Code.
Scott Reed

I will then come on here and edit this post and add my Friend Code. So please, once you get your friend code please leave a post with your nickname and your friend code so I can add you to my list! Don't forget about the Character Profiles list, they can sort of help you, I have a feeling Smash will be jammed tonight so my forum is backup, you can find the topic here.

Let the Brawl begin!!!


Tristan H said...

I cant wait to see and hear what you think of it!!!

EricR said...

Yo. It's Gamerguy92. My FC is 1633 3838 1056.

NatureMan said...

Hey mine is Matt, 3265-4733-8892.