Thursday, May 29, 2008

I got Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2

Well, yesterday night I decided on a whim to pick up Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time for DS. I had played the game a couple of weeks ago and actually got kind of addicted to it, but I stopped after a while because I wanted to play the game fully when I actually owned it.

Sorry I don't have a picture to show, I can't find my digital camera anywhere, it's been missing for over a week now. That's also why I haven't taken a picture of any Wii Fit related material or anything of the sort.

Anyway, I'm going to play as Turtwig and choose Piplup as my partner. I don't know, something about the first game made it seem boring, but the second game when I played it, it felt kind of cool. This is the first DS game I have bought since Christmas, which is unusual for me considering I used to get 1 or 2 a month before this.

I mean obviously anyone could tell I'm a huge Pokémon fan. Eventually I want to get all of the spin-off games to add to my collection. Anyway I'm out for now.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Nintendo Games

7月10日 DS伝説のスタフィー たいけつ!ダイール海賊団 4,800円
7月24日 Wiiワリオランド シェイク 5,800円
7月31日 Wii零 月蝕の仮面 6,800円
7月31日 DSリズム天国ゴールド 3,800円
8月 7日 DSファイアーエムブレム 新暗黒竜と光の剣 4,800円

July 10 DS Densetsu no Starfi
July 24 Wii Wario Land Shake
July 31 Wii Rei (Fatal Frame)
July 31 Rhythm Tengoku Gold
Aug 7 DS Fire Emblem DS
Aug 22 DS Inazuma Eleven

Well, someone on NeoGAF has taken info from a Japanese blog and posted it up for all of us to see. Anyone find it odd how Disaster was pushed back when there is Mario Sluggers coming out in June and Wario Land Shake coming out in July? Coincidence I think not, I think it was delayed to just let these games succeed. You can check it out here.

I am very excited for these games, I just wish Nintendo would bring over Stafy games. Glad to know that Fatal Frame is still alive, I just wish we had a US date already. Also, Rhythm Tengoku on GBA was fun, so the DS game should be ever better! I'm also excited for Fire Emblem since I believe it is a remake of the first game in the series, one of many in the FE series that I have yet to play.

Anyway I'm off to bed. I don't think I'm going to be posting anymore Wii Fit progress from me. I also didn't play tonight due to being too tired from work. Goodnight!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wii-kly Update


Dr. Mario® Online Rx
(Nintendo, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): The doctor is in! Mario™ takes a break from his adventuring ways and once again dons his stethoscope for a new generation of germ-battling mayhem. In addition to the classic mode of using vitamins to exterminate viruses, you'll find two battle modes and an online multiplayer mode where you can hone your skills against players from around the world. Feel like challenging a friend who doesn't have Dr. Mario Online Rx? Then the WiiWare-exclusive Friend Battle Demo is just what the doctor ordered. Or maybe you'd like some help taking on those nasty viruses? Try out Virus Buster, where four players can simultaneously move capsules simply by pointing at them with a Wii Remote™ controller. Any way you look at it, Dr. Mario Online Rx is a prescription for fun that everyone can enjoy.

Family Table Tennis (Aksys Games, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 500 Wii Points): It's time for some good old family fun, and what's more fun than table tennis? Just like a real family, choose your character from a cast of four, which includes Daddy, Mommy, Sarah and Billy. There are four table tennis-tastic stages where it doesn't matter if you're an indoors or outdoors table-tennis player. Pick your poison from a gymnasium, a forest park, a beach or even an amusement park. Choose from Single or Versus mode, or select a minigame to play. In Versus mode, you and a friend can play against each other to see who is the better table-tennis player. And if Single and Versus modes aren't enough, select between three minigames, which include Target Table Tennis, Thrilling Table Tennis and Matching Table Tennis. The appealing cell-shaded graphics and endearing music, on top of the super-fun game play, will have you and your family playing from morning till night. Get your paddles ready.

Virtual Console

City Connection™ (NES®, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone - Comic Mischief, Tobacco Reference, 500 Wii Points): Based on the arcade hit, a young man born in California sets out to tour famous sites and cities around the world. As he drives the highways surrounding these locations, the road is painted white as proof of his visit. Only once all sections of the road have been painted will he move on to the next location in his world tour. Not surprisingly, the local police will chase the driver and do their best to stop him from completing his goal. In addition, cats roam the highways and spikes lie in wait for unsuspecting drivers. To combat these dangers, the driver's customized car can jump, fire cans of oil and collect balloons to warp to a new stage. It's the ultimate road trip.

Metal Slug (NEOGEO, 1-2 players, Rated T for Teen - Blood, Violence, 900 Wii Points): Released in 1996 by SNK, Metal Slug is a side-scrolling military-action game. Players control Marco and Tarma, both members of the special-ops force Team Peregrine Falcon (commonly known as Team PF), and battle their way through stage after stage of intense action. The goal is to try to overthrow General Morden and win back the stolen weapon, the Metal Slug. Players must blast through waves of enemies and machines (while also jumping over any obstacles in the way) to advance through the stages. It's not as hopeless as it might sound, though—weapons such as heavy machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers and flamethrowers, as well as the Metal Slug itself (which appears frequently in the game), will make the battle easier. Take on General Morden with a friend to lighten your load and ramp up the excitement even more.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 5

Sorry, I didn't even play the game on Saturday, I ended up falling asleep on the couch. I think the game should only count a day if you actually play it.

I took the balance test, and did really well, and ended up with a Wii Fit Age of 18, which is my actual age. It made me happy because I could never achieve my own age on Brain Age no matter how I tried. I guess I'm just getting really better at the whole balance thing. The game also said I lost .2 pounds. My goal is to lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks, so hopefully I can achieve it.

I unlocked the Super Hula Hoop option under the Aerobics. I'm getting much better, I keep achieving scores over 200 points, and on Super mode I did better swinging my body to the left instead of the right. It's odd considering I thought I was always stronger on my left side.

Then I went for a run and my Mii fell face first into the dirt and basically did a somersault when I went to fast. However that just tires my feet out too much, maybe I should've slipped my shoes on before I did it. All you do is put the Wii remote in your pocket or hold it in your hand and basically jog in place. It's very uncomfortable to do it without shoes on, so I recommend shoes to be worn when you do that exercise. I did get a good laugh out of my Mii falling face first though.

I also did more regular Step Aerobics. I don't understand, like when the foot area is like a light pink color, am I supposed to have my foot on the board. I swear I do but for some reason I don't think the board is registering that my foot is on it. Maybe I just have bad rhythm? I don't know, but I would love to achieve a perfect score on it, and so far I'm doing okay, but not that great.

Then I decided to do the Yoga Tree Pose. It was surprisingly much easier this time, and I did much better than I have in the past. Before I kept trembling so much, but I think that's because my body was tired. I don't know, before I even played the game I took my dog Harley for a walk. Maybe I just do bad when I'm tired I guess?

Next I did a Strength training exercise. Basically I had to stand on one foot, and bring my knee upward toward my stomach and also bring in the arm opposite of the leg in, all while balancing. Lets just say I didn't do too well. I kept losing my balance and my foot touched the floor. I swear I think it's because of the clothes I wear. I need to wear like lose fitting clothes if I want to do any better at these exercises.

The Half-Moon yoga pose is getting easier for me to do. I'm able to bend a bit further as well as keep my balance without fidgeting too much. I think I like that one the most because it helps stretch my body when it might be tensed up.

I unlocked a new Balance game, the one where you have to lean left or right to make your Penguin dressed Mii catch and eat the fish. I seriously need to work on my speed on these games, and also my reaction time is pretty bad. It reminded me the first time I played the soccer game; I ended up missing just about every soccer ball that one time. It's a nice little distraction but not my favorite game.

Then after that I finally unlocked Rhythm boxing which is one of the games I was really interested in. I didn't understand what I was supposed to do at first, but then I figured it out, it's kind of similar to a game of simon-says. You watch the guy do the movement first, then you repeat the action along with him. I can see this becoming quite fun later on when I get better at my reaction time speed. It seemed pretty fun to play even though I performed kind of crummy at it.

Finally, I did the Soccer balance game. However, unlike the other day where I achieved 80 something points, I did crappy again like when I played it the first time ever. I don't know what it is with me, I guess my reaction time for physical movements is pretty slow. However, one time in real life a few years ago, a soccer ball was flying at my head and I reached up my hand so fast that I blocked the ball away from hitting me. Who knows why I'm so slow, maybe it's because I sat on my butt for almost two years?

Anyway, all I can say is that I really do enjoy Wii Fit and glad it gives me much needed exercise I normally wouldn't consider doing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to workout but doesn't want to invest in going to a gym or just for you to have fun and get exercise at the same time. I have definitely changed my opinion on Wii Fit. A few months ago I was bashing it and saying that it would be crappy, but now I happen to think it's a wonderful experience that everyone should give a try. Good luck to all of you out there who want Wii Fit who can't find it, but I have a feeling that supplies will keep being sent out frequently unlike the actual Wii systems themselves!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 3

My Wii Fit age came out to be 33 today -_-;

Well, I did a few more yoga poses, as well as a couple of the balance games and some aerobics. I finally managed to finish the tightrope without falling off. I didn't play the game as long as I did the other day, but lets just say I was sweating up a storm.

I unlocked several of the advanced mode options on Aerobic exercises such as Hula Hoops and the Step Aerobics. I really suck at the Step Aerobics, most of the time I'm doing it in tune to the beat of the music and the movement of the means, but the board sometimes doesn't register that I stepped down on it when it shows the foot icon as light pink (however I may be missing the point of this)

I guess I did pretty well at Soccer for once, I managed to get a big score. Before I missed most of the soccer balls, but this time I hit many of them in succession, occasionally being hit by a cleet or flying panda helmet thing. Ski Jumping I guess just takes some practice.

Hopefully Wii Fit will help fix my posture and help me balance myself out. Also, sorry to all of you out there who can't find Wii Fit. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be long before Nintendo restocks supplies for what may be their most popular Wii game to date.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 2

So I played more Wii Fit today. I did lots of Yoga, Strength training, Aerobics, and some Balance games. My Wii Fit age today was 22, with my actual age being 18 and my height being 6'1". I guess that is much better than yesterdays Wii Fit age!

I finally "mastered" something. The pushups with after a few you turn left or right and reach a hand into the air. On some of the other Yoga exercises it told me I was a couch potato. I'm sorry I couldn't hold my balance, I'm not even wearing the right clothes to be able to maneuver the way the pose is supposed to be angled. Lets just say a couple of times I had to be on both feet or I would've fell over and hurt myself.

I am definitely getting into the game though, I never thought I would like games like this. So if you haven't gotten Wii Fit, I hope you will atleast check it out more and see if you will atleast like it in the future. Also, if you have a friend who has it you can check it out there, or if they ever do in-store demos you could try those out.

Lets just say I think Nintendo has once again amazed it's fans with a cool new product that puts fun into exercise that we normally wouldn't consider doing. I hope someday I can get my Wii Fit Age down to 18, though I think the limit is 20.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wii Fit Progress

Well I finally got to play Wii Fit.

I just got done playing it for an hour. I tried some poses, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. On one of the Yoga poses it said I was a couch potato, lol. On the lunges of the strength training it said I was like a master or something.

I am so sweaty and tired after playing the game. I am really happy I got this game, thank you Nintendo. I never thought I would ever get Wii Fit until just recently, and now that I have I am really glad I decided to purchase it. It's a really good way to burn the excess energy I sometimes have at night.

I would say this game is like a perfect score, however I hope Nintendo can somehow further the experience of Wii Fit and also create new games for the Balance Board.

Great job, Nintendo!!!

It said my Wii Fit age was 31, and I'm 18, lol. I also laughed when my Mii got hit in the head with the cleets and panda heads. I also chose a female instructor even though I'm a guy, her voice is more soothing to me.

I am going to be using this blog to track my Wii Fit progress everyday! ^.^


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I hope I can become "Wii Fit"

I went this morning to GameStop and picked up Wii Fit on the way to work. However, the guy working there was trying to get me to preorder the next "big" Wii game as he put it, Mario Sluggers Baseball. I told him I don't really like Mario Sports games besides Mario Kart. He once again tried to get me to preorder it, and I told him no. Then I finished my transaction and left.

I kept it in my car while I was at work. I was amazed out how much the package weighed, it's a workout just carrying it around, lol. Anyway, I plan to play it tonight, and every night so I can track my progress.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Woof Woof

Everyone should go out now and buy The Dog Island. It's definitely one of the most unique concepts I have seen for a game in a long time. The game may look kiddish, but it has a surprisingly deep and sad story. I guess you could say it's one big fetch quest, but with a story.

Basically, you learn scents and you have to go retrieve various items in order to complete the simple missions. I know, it may sound kind of boring, but the game has a very nice scenery to stare at while you are looking for these items. The colors are the perfect tone.

And also, the music is nice and soothing, and gets sad when something bad happens or when someone is explaining about something bad happening.

I am actually very happy I got this game. If you think this is Nintendogs then you are wrong, you don't raise a virtual puppy. You play as a puppy who is trying to help everyone get well. Man's best friend in videogame form if I do say so myself. I hope that more people out there will give this a chance.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I got The Dog Island

Well today I decided to go out and get The Dog Island for Wii after seeing a video on GoNintendo. I got it for $30 at GameStop. Don't go to Best Buy if you want it, they are charging $50 for it. Since it's a pretty niche title I would say the $30 price point is more accurate than the $50. Anyway, here is a pick below:

I don't understand what it is with Ubisoft and their plain boxarts? However, they used a cute puppy for the cover! Here is the Japanese box art for those of you who want to compare here.

Anyway, I'll start playing this tonight, hopefully it is as good as I hope it is. I think I may start writing reviews again soon, especially on these niche titles that need help to sell! If any game makers are reading this site, I would gladly except review copies of your games!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Konami News Galore

New Games Announced
Critter Round-Up (WiiWare - May 2008)
New International Track & Field (DS - July 2008)
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS - Fall 2008)
>Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2 (Wii - Fall 2008)
Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked (Wii - Fall 2008)
Rock Revolution (Wii, DS - Fall 2008)
Elebits 2 (DS - Fall 2008)

The press Releases for these games can be found at the links provided. I am very excited for Konami's games this fall. Though I wish Elebits 2 was for Wii instead of DS, but we'll see if it ends up good. Rock Revolution could be good, and DDR Hottest Party 2 could also be good. I hope Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked is good. The DS games have been sort of lack luster, and reviews of Lost in Blue 2 & 3 made the games out to be terrible. Hopefully this game changes things. (Elebits 2 hasn't been announced but has appeared on Check out the press releases at the link provided.

Monday, May 12, 2008

WiiWare Launch

FINAL FANTASY® CRYSTAL CHRONICLES®: My Life as a King™ (Square Enix, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone - Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes, 1,500 Wii Points): FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: My Life as a King takes a legendary franchise and launches it into the realm of simulation gaming. Players are challenged to rebuild a kingdom, leading its young king on a path of discovery through an adventure bristling with mystery and intrigue.

LostWinds™ (Frontier Development, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone - Mild Fantasy Violence, 1,000 Wii Points): A fresh, enchanting platform adventure that puts the power of the wind in the palm of your hand - from raging tornados to the gentlest breeze. You'll wield your Wii Remote™ controller to power Toku's jumps and glides, suspend and smash enemies, meet friends and solve puzzles using LostWinds' novel, intuitive and playful control system.

Defend your Castle™ (XGen Studios, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone - Cartoon Violence, 500 Wii Points): Defend your Castle takes place on a grassy plain surrounded by invaders. You are the commander of your castle, and it is your duty to fling the invading enemies sky-high, watching them plummet to their demise. As you progress, add powerful spells and upgrades to your arsenal for repelling the attacks. How long can you hold them off?

Pop™ (Nnooo, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 700 Wii Points): Pop bubbles to score points and stop the timer from running out. Pop can be enjoyed by anyone - casual gamers can simply play to pop bubbles and keep the game moving, whereas advanced players will need to pick their shots rapidly and accurately and generate combos to maximize their score.

V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack™ (High Voltage Software®, Inc., 1-4 players, Rated T for Teen - Simulated Gambling, 700 Wii Points): V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack re-creates the casino experience, with fully animated players and a realistic Las Vegas dealer. Single players can increase their bankrolls, while multiple players can engage in a head-to-head mini-blackjack tournament.

TV Show King (Gameloft, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points): TV Show King transforms your living room into a real TV quiz show studio where you'll face the challenge of answering more than 3,000 questions across six different categories. Compete against family and friends and use your Wii Remote controller in original ways to make it to the finals to see who can win the greatest amount of cash in one final, deciding duel.
So what did yall get or are planning on to get. I bought 2000 Wii Points and so far spent 1000 on LostWinds. I hope Critter Round-Up, Dr. Mario Online Rx, and Pokémon Ranch come soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pokémon Platinum Revealed

Well, CoroCoro Magazine in Japan has revealed what is called Pokémon Platinum, the 3rd version to Diamond and Pearl. The game seems like it will feature the origin form of Giratina in the story line.

However, as with all things this is unconfirmed, but it doesn't look photoshopped to me. What does everyone else think? All I know is that we'll have scans in the next few days.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wii Fit preorders axed at GameStop &

Well, Wii Fit is so popular that both GameStop locations and their website, as well as have stopped taking preorders for the game.

This is for sure going to be a money maker for Nintendo, I am glad I preordered a couple of weeks ago. There is no way in hell I am paying a scalper for Wii Fit, already had to do that with the Wii Console itself back in 2006.

So if you are looking for Wii Fit, you need to preorder at one of the other still available retailers, or you are going to have to wait a while for new shipments to arrive. I can't imagine Wii Fit being scalped to more than $300 on Ebay, but I hope no one ends up paying that much. That's $50 more than a retail Wii, that is just ridiculous. Good luck to all of you who still haven't preordered!

EDIT: Toys R has ended preorders for the game as well. No word yet on if this applies to the stores as well.

EDIT 2: has stopped preorders also.

Nintendo Channel now available

Well we already knew the channel was coming, but Nintendo decided to give it to us today. Basically, the channel is there to show off the latest games for Wii and DS from Nintendo and third parties. It doesn't really have much right now, but if anything from Japan can tell you, it will most likely be updated weekly, or maybe daily.

There are several videos, trailers, and commercials for games varying from Nintendo to third parties. The DS Download Station is also available but it doesn't offer much for demos right now. I'm sure over time the channel will expand.

The channel also gives you the option of sharing information such as the games you play, and allows you to also rate the games to help others looking for games for them. Also, there is a Purchase button that will bring up a menu of retailers where you can buy from them online using your Wii. (GameStop isn't included)

Just go on the Wii Shop Channel and go to Wii Ware and download the channel. WiiWare will also be available next Monday. Nintendo has a WiiWare video up on the Nintendo Channel as well that you should check out.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated in a week, I now work 10 hour shifts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and 3 hour shifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I only have Sunday's off currently.

Just about everyday I have been playing Mario Kart Wii for maybe an hour or two depending on my schedule. I just recently finished 100cc which is Bikes only with all 1st Place trophies. I also unlocked Dry Bones as a playable character. This game has online that is pretty much considered the best on the Wii yet. Brawl was a real letdown compared to the online on this game.

The online scoreboard is basically available through the Mario Kart Wii channel if I recall correctly. Ranks are setup just as they are in Tetris DS, except that you start at 5000 and your score goes up or down depending on what place you come in a race. The game also features Battle mode online, but sadly it is only played in teams. So if there is only three people playing, then it will be 2 against 1, making it pretty unfair. There are also rankings for that as well.

The character I always seem to use since Mario Kart DS is Yoshi. I don't know what it is, but when I play on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart DS with Yoshi, I always get first place, it's like my best track. However, in the Wii game Rainbow Road received yet another redesign and I totally suck at it. I don't remember ever falling off the track this many times in the past Mario Kart games!

I hope all of you are having fun with Mario Kart Wii, and for those who are interested in it, I'm sure you will enjoy it just as much as I have!