Friday, June 27, 2008

Mega Man 9 confirmed for WiiWare

Now maybe all of those Megaman other series haters will finally shut up now that they are getting Mega Man 9 for WiiWare. The fact of the matter is that it looks just like the old games so I don't know how people will feel about it. Some information from Nintendo Power from my friends over at GoNintendo:

Robot Masters

Magma Man
Galaxy Man
Jewel Man
Concrete Man
Hornet Man
Plug Man
Tornado Man
Splash Woman

- Dr. Wily returns
- Story: Dr. Wily blames Dr. Light for robot master attacks
- various level hazards: lava, gravity-defying magnetic platforms, Mega Man clones
- attacks gained from Robot Masters: Galaxy Man’s Black Hole Bombs
- development handled by Inti Creates (Mega Man Zero, ZX, Battle Chip Challenge)
- controls: Wiimote NES style, just as you would expect it to be
- Rush returns
- 8-bit style was chosen to ‘please fans’
- 8-bit music
- 8-bit cut-scenes
- difficultly on-par with NES games
- return of classic enemies, as well as new ones
- Will Protoman be playable? “you’ll have to wait and see.”
- hopes in surpassing the quality of Mega Man 2

I never got to experience the original Mega Man games and since they haven't put them on the US Virtual Console, I guess I'll have to wait for this game to come to WiiWare. I don't think it will take that long as the game received a rating from the Australian OFLC, so all we have to do is wait for a rating from ESRB and then we'll get it soon! I'm sure all the Mega Man original fans are jumping for joy like they just snorted pixie sticks.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I got Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja

Well, I just got back from picking up Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja for the DS from GameStop. I never really got into the Battle Network series, so I ended up giving Star Force a try which is basically the sequel series last year. I actually liked it for not only the story but for the interesting gameplay. Also, I picked up the game because I won't have anything to new to play on my Wii over the summer...well unless I get Okami.

Release Dates - Kirby Super Star Ultra, Wario Land: Shake It, Mario Sluggers

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– While the game world awaits the E3 Media & Business Summit in Los Angeles next month, Nintendo isn’t waiting to announce new titles for its mushrooming libraries for the Wii™ console and Nintendo DS™. Classic Nintendo characters like bad-boy Wario™ and pink powerhouse Kirby® will star in their own platform games. A new Mystery Case Files™ game brings the best-selling Big Fish Games franchise to Nintendo DS for the first time. These games join the recently announced Mario™ Super Sluggers baseball game for the Wii console.

“Nintendo’s game libraries continue to grow at a rapid pace,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Wario stars in a great new platformer, Kirby enthusiasts get an updated version of a fan favorite, there’s a new mystery for Mystery Case Files aficionados and baseball gets a few new Mario-style twists.”

Wario Land™: Shake It!, a classic side-scroller for the Wii console launching Sept. 29, stars Wario, the smelly, bad-mannered alter ego of Mario™. With the Wii Remote™ controller turned sideways like an old-school controller, veterans and newcomers alike can run, jump and smash their way through hectic side-scrolling stages. Players shake the Wii Remote to help Wario take down his enemies, empty bags of treasure or cause earthquakes. Best of all, there are numerous stages each offering multiple missions to keep players coming back again and again to unlock everything, collect more coins or just improve their best times.

Kirby Super Star™ Ultra for Nintendo DS, launching Sept. 29, re-imagines one of the most beloved Kirby games of all time. Kirby Super Star Ultra features new graphics and fully rendered animated cut scenes. With so many adventures waiting to be unlocked, there will never be a dull moment as Kirby runs, floats, copies enemies and uses Helpers to fight King Dedede and Meta Knight. New modes like Revenge of the King and Meta Knight Ultra await, along with classics like The Great Cave Offensive and Milky Way Wishes. On top of the main modes, there are also three new touch-screen-controlled mini-games that can be played with up to three friends via DS Download Play. Not only that, but players can go on Kirby adventures with a friend via local wireless as well.

Mystery Case Files™: MillionHeir™, launching Sept. 8, uses the unique Nintendo DS interface to expand upon the seek-and-solve game play of the popular series from Big Fish Games. Players seek out cleverly hidden items in a multitude of painted scenes. Players progress through an interactive detective story investigating a cast of characters and uncovering new evidence to find the rightful heir to a million-dollar fortune. This new portable installment is available only for Nintendo DS. With interactive logic puzzles that use both the touch-screen interface and built-in microphone and include the first ever multiplayer mode for a Mystery Case Files game, Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir presents a new generation of seek-and-solve games for casual gamers and franchise fans.

Mario™ Super Sluggers, launching Aug. 25 for the Wii console, stars the ever-lovable Mario and his crew of friends. It builds on the social-gaming fun and movements people learned in Wii Sports™ and turns them into a full-fledged baseball game that can be played by every member of the household. Players make a throwing motion with the Wii Remote controller to pitch the baseball and make a swinging motion to swing at the pitch. The game boasts more than 30 playable Nintendo characters and all the madness of a Mario sports game. Just like Mario Kart® Wii, it bridges the gap between experienced players and those new to the Wii console, with fun challenges and beautiful graphics.

Remember that Wii features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other Wii features, visit

For more information about these and other Nintendo products, visit

Sweet, I was wondering when Wario Land was coming out, but Mario Sluggers coming August 25th is a bit late don't you think? I'm also glad to know that Kirby is still alive! ^_^

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wii-kly Update 06/23/2008


Gyrostarr™ (High Voltage Software, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone-Mild Fantasy Violence, 700 Wii Points): Gyrostarr challenges you and up to three additional players to pilot your ships through a series of twisting, turning technoplasma tracks while battling a variety of deadly alien foes at ever-increasing speeds. While fighting and maneuvering, you must collect enough energy to activate the ancient warpgate at the end of each track. Succeed, and you can journey to the next, even deadlier track. Fail, and the gate will slam shut, destroying your ship. Enhance your ship with weapon pickups, coordinate attacks with your friends to fire powerful combined blasts and use your grapple to snag energy and pickups in the midst of combat. Control your ship with the Wii Remote™ controller, Nunchuk™ controller or Classic Controller™, or use the "paired" control system that allows two players to use a connected Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Classic Controller at the same time. Offering 50 levels of intense action, powerful pickups, high-speed bonus levels and mayhem for up to four players, Gyrostarr is a killer arcade challenge.

Virtual Console

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Sega Master System, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone-Comic Mischief, 500 Wii Points): In this platformer from the 1980s, you're Alex Kidd, looking for your lost brother Egle. In order to find your brother, you'll have to contend with the evil Janken the Great, who will send his henchmen and monsters at you to thwart your progress. One aspect of this adventure is that you'll have to play the classic game of "rock, paper, scissors" against the henchmen in order to defeat them. With 16 different levels to conquer in order to save Egle, this classic is sure to test your skills and your wits at the same time.

BURNING FIGHT (NEOGEO, 1-2 players, Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older-Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence, 900 Wii Points): Released in 1991 by SNK, BURNING FIGHT is a side-scrolling hand-to-hand-combat action game. In pursuit of Casterora, leader of a huge syndicate that has escaped from New York to Osaka, the protagonists are three detectives: Duke, Ryu and Billy. Each character fights using a combination of punches, kicks and jumps, plus his own particular special move, activated by simultaneously pressing the jump and attack buttons. These lethal techniques have enormous destructive force, but they also consume a great deal of energy. For this reason, players must use their special moves with skillful timing. Luckily for the detectives, new weapons and additional health can be found by breaking things like phone booths and street signs along the way. A boss, who must be defeated in order to continue the mission, awaits players at the end of each stage. You can also take on the gang with a friend, but beware-attacks by one player can damage the other, so keep an eye on where your partner is in the heat of the battle. End Casterora's reign of terror once and for all.
Well Gyrostarr has finally arrived. It looks like one of the best WiiWare games yet so I may have to give it a download. If any of yall download it, let me know how it is in a comment to this post!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I got into a minor traffic accident today -_-;

Well today I had my first car accident, and it was basically my fault.

I was traveling down Richmond road here in Houston and I started changing lanes and then all of a sudden I felt a small bump and then screeching tires.

Technically I believe it was my fault because I don't think I looked behind me. The guy I guess was in my blind spot because I believe I looked in the mirror and I didn't see any other cars so I got over. The only damage to his vehicle was a little but of paint scraped off of his mirror, but I now have a nice dent on the passenger side rear near the fender. -_-;

To think I thought I would never be in a car accident that was my fault. I don't feel freaked out about it, but I still felt bad. I kept apologizing to the other person and he wasn't rude or mean to me or anything like that. I'm just glad no one got hurt.

So a lesson to everyone, while your driving and your gonna change lanes, ALWAYS look, don't just trust your mirrors. I find it odd because I usually always look but this one time I didn't and then I got in an accident. Yay me -_-;

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nintendo Updates Firmware, Kills Freeloader :(

Well guys, if you don't want your Freeloader killed for a while, don't update your firmware until it is forced. Nintendo's latest firmware version 3.3 has blocked the freeloader from working, pissing off many users. The question here is, why doesn't Nintendo just make their systems region free? Well you want to know they can charge inflated prices for games when they are released in other countries. It's as simple as that, money makes the world go round after all.

Also, if you send your Wii into Nintendo, they will automatically update your firmware, so beware!

I was actually planning to buy a Freeloader so I could import Disaster: Day of Crisis but I guess I'm bummed. Besides, it'll be out in the US eventually. So sorry to all of the people in other countries who had Freeloaders because Nintendo takes too damn long to release games there!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wii-kly Update 06/16/2008


Block Breaker Deluxe™ (Gameloft, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone-Mild Suggestive Themes, 800 Wii Points): Prepare for the frenzy of the coolest block-breaker game ever. Block Breaker Deluxe is a reinvention of the classic arcade brick-breaker game with a trendy graphical style, fun atmosphere and an exclusive multiplayer mode. Lively characters and amazing graphics provide distinctive settings of the jet-set nightlife, including a cool bar, dance club, casino and more. Special bricks, multiple bonuses, secret weapons, paddle size options and ball-speed variations make this fascinating game even more challenging. The Block Breaker Deluxe rage has arrived.

Cocoto Fishing Master (Neko Entertainment, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone, 700 Wii Points): Welcome to the adventures of Cocoto, Fishing Master. Get ready for a completely new experience on Wii. Play the role of Cocoto and travel the world to find five millennial fish. Only they can stop the magic cauldron from overflowing with lava and prevent the world from being destroyed. Thanks to Cocoto Fishing Master for Wii, fishing has never been such fun. Use the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ controllers like a real fishing rod to catch more than 30 different fish. Discover five enchanted lakes in five different worlds from Cocoto's universe. Confront gigantic bosses to collect each fragment of the statuette that will allow you to wake the great god Geo from his slumber. Meet Cocoto's friends, sell your fish to Baggy and buy new fishing equipment from Neuro's shop.

Virtual Console

SAMURAI SHODOWN (NEOGEO, 1-2 players, Rated T for Teen-Animated Blood, Crude Humor, Violence, 900 Wii Points): This first entry in the extremely popular and revolutionary fighting-game series was released in 1993. Choose from 12 swordsmen with highly individualistic characteristics and fight furiously, ultimately confronting the evil Amakusa Shiro Tokisada. Each character wields his or her own specific weapon, but you must be careful not to lose it during the heat of battle. Some of the fighters also bring an animal companion into the fray, offering a unique aspect to the quick-paced action. Another significant feature of the game is the anger gauge, which indicates the level of anger felt by each of the combatants as they suffer repeated injuries. If the anger reaches its maximum level, the attacking ability of the character increases, leading to even more intense confrontations. Through it all, the refined camera system smoothly zooms in and out of the playing field, presenting the frenzy of the battle while showcasing the lively background (watch as the referee scores hits). Awaken the samurai spirit within and get ready for a new kind of fight.
The releases for this week seem kind of lackluster. When is Major League Eating & Gyrostarr coming, I was expecting those today. Oh well, I have enough WiiWare games now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. All I've been doing lately is playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time or sleeping. Work is really tiring me out, even today I ended up taking a nap for an hour or more.

And with Wii Fit I haven't done any of the exercises in like 2 weeks because I've been so tired from work. I mean I may actually do some tonight finally. All I have done is the body test everyday.

I've been playing Explorers of Time a lot though. I just never thought I would ever get into a dungeon RPG but Pokémon pulled me into the genre. I hope I end up finishing the game soon, because I may be buying Megaman Star Force 2 soon as well.

There isn't anything coming to the Wii for a while that I want so don't expect much updates on the Wii front besides news. Also, an online friend sent me Toki Tori from WiiWare so I'm gonna have to check that out tonight. (Thank you Baconbitz! ^_^) My problem is that I have too many games and don't have time to play them all.

I really need to start writing reviews again, anyone want me to start back up? Please leave me a comment to let me know if I should!

Happy Father's Day to all of you people who may be reading my blog but I have no idea are!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Wii-kly Update 06/09/2008


My Pokémon Ranch
(Nintendo, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone—Comic Mischief, 1,000 Wii Points): The Pokémon phenomenon debuts on WiiWare with My Pokémon Ranch, a game that lets you watch as Pokémon and Miis interact with each other for the first time. Enjoy the relaxing ranch life by viewing your ranch and its Pokémon, taking pictures and sending those pictures to your friends via the Wii Message Board. The more Pokémon and Miis you bring to your ranch, the more fun it becomes. My Pokémon Ranch can be linked with the Nintendo DS™ Pokémon® Diamond and Pokémon® Pearl Game Cards to deposit the Pokémon you’ve caught in these games in your ranch. You can deposit a maximum of 1,000 Pokémon from up to eight different game cards. Make your ranch livelier by playing with your friends and family.

Virtual Console

DIG DUG™ (NES®, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone, 600 Wii Points): Become Dig Dug, the champion of love and justice, as you drill up, down, left and right, defeating any enemies in your path. Avoid the persistent Pooka and the deep-dwelling but whimsical Fygar as you defeat all the enemies in order to clear each stage. Defeat enemies by hitting them with the harpoon and pumping air into them, or by dropping rocks on them from above. Receive bonus points by getting the vegetables that appear in the middle of the stage. Receive high points for defeating deep-dwelling enemies or by defeating Fygars from the side with the harpoon. Pass through inflated enemies or defeat enemies in an adjacent passage for an even higher score. Lure multiple enemies and defeat them with a single rock from above in this thrilling action game.

BIO MIRACLE BOKUTTE UPA (NES®, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone—Comic Mischief, 600 Wii Points): BIO MIRACLE BOKUTTE UPA is an action game released in 1988, but it was never available outside of Japan. Players take on the role of baby Upa, a prince of the Akuyo kingdom. Prince Upa must take on an adventure spanning seven different worlds in order to rescue the kingdom from the dangerous demon Zai. Upa must defeat the enemies he meets along the way by inflating them. Upa can then use these floating enemies to his advantage by bouncing off of or riding on top of them. The prince must also avoid deadly thorns and pits while keeping an eye out for helpful items such as milk (to restore health) and bells (for temporary invincibility) if he hopes to succeed. If you’re looking for a cute and solid platformer with a hero unlike those in most other games, then look no further than BIO MIRACLE BOKUTTE UPA.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Team Midnight

Well, I started playing more Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time today. I haven't been playing much games lately because I've been kind of tired and not much into playing games. I figured it was a good time to really get into this latest game so I went ahead and played it.

The thing I dislike the most is sometimes the AI can be really cheap. Constantly putting my Pokémon to sleep or paralyzing them and attacking them while I'm trying to attack back but can't because I don't have a certain item. I definitely like the game more than the first game. I didn't understand how to recruit Pokémon so I barely played the first game.

I'm still playing as Turtwig, who just learned Razor Leaf finally. Before all I had was Tackle, Growl, and Absorb. The attack has really came in handy. I hope Turtwig learns better moves soon. I think he is currently at Level 13. Piplup is also at Level 13.

I've also recruited a Surskit and a Lotad I believe. I don't really remember. I just hope I can recruit all the Pokémon available, just like completing the Pokédex in the main series of games.

From what I've played I can definitely recommend this to hardcore Pokémon fans and fans of the dungeon RPG genre of gaming. I find it more interesting to play this series with Pokémon, otherwise I would probably never play a dungeon RPG. I'm so glad I got this game! ^_^

Monday, June 2, 2008

Guitar Hero: On Tour Bundle

It was revealed a little while ago that there would be a bundle for the game Guitar Hero On Tour with a DS Lite, but it wasn't revealed on what that DS Lite would look like. Going with Nintendo's two-tone stile of DS Lite's lately, this bundle will feature a Metallic Silver Black DS Lite with Guitar Hero logo, making this the first time the Silver DS Lite has came to the US in any form. The bundle will be priced at $179.99 and will be released on June 29th. As you can tell, that makes the DS Lite $129.99 and the game $49.99. Don't worry, the game will be released on it's own. I however forsee more money in Nintendo & Activision's pockets.

Toys R Us already has a page up with preorders available, so if you want this cool bundle, you better order it soon because I predict it will be sold out very soon. You can see the order page here.

Wii-kly Update 06/02/2008


(Ubisfot, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone, 1,000 Wii Points)

Toki Tori (Two Tribes, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone, 1000 Wii Points)

Virtual Console

Ninja Combat
(NEO-GEO, 1-2 players, 900 Wii Points)

I'll update this later with the full press release once Nintendo posts it on their press site.