Sunday, June 8, 2008

Team Midnight

Well, I started playing more Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time today. I haven't been playing much games lately because I've been kind of tired and not much into playing games. I figured it was a good time to really get into this latest game so I went ahead and played it.

The thing I dislike the most is sometimes the AI can be really cheap. Constantly putting my Pokémon to sleep or paralyzing them and attacking them while I'm trying to attack back but can't because I don't have a certain item. I definitely like the game more than the first game. I didn't understand how to recruit Pokémon so I barely played the first game.

I'm still playing as Turtwig, who just learned Razor Leaf finally. Before all I had was Tackle, Growl, and Absorb. The attack has really came in handy. I hope Turtwig learns better moves soon. I think he is currently at Level 13. Piplup is also at Level 13.

I've also recruited a Surskit and a Lotad I believe. I don't really remember. I just hope I can recruit all the Pokémon available, just like completing the Pokédex in the main series of games.

From what I've played I can definitely recommend this to hardcore Pokémon fans and fans of the dungeon RPG genre of gaming. I find it more interesting to play this series with Pokémon, otherwise I would probably never play a dungeon RPG. I'm so glad I got this game! ^_^

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