Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nintendo Updates Firmware, Kills Freeloader :(

Well guys, if you don't want your Freeloader killed for a while, don't update your firmware until it is forced. Nintendo's latest firmware version 3.3 has blocked the freeloader from working, pissing off many users. The question here is, why doesn't Nintendo just make their systems region free? Well you want to know they can charge inflated prices for games when they are released in other countries. It's as simple as that, money makes the world go round after all.

Also, if you send your Wii into Nintendo, they will automatically update your firmware, so beware!

I was actually planning to buy a Freeloader so I could import Disaster: Day of Crisis but I guess I'm bummed. Besides, it'll be out in the US eventually. So sorry to all of the people in other countries who had Freeloaders because Nintendo takes too damn long to release games there!

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