Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nintendo Channel now available

Well we already knew the channel was coming, but Nintendo decided to give it to us today. Basically, the channel is there to show off the latest games for Wii and DS from Nintendo and third parties. It doesn't really have much right now, but if anything from Japan can tell you, it will most likely be updated weekly, or maybe daily.

There are several videos, trailers, and commercials for games varying from Nintendo to third parties. The DS Download Station is also available but it doesn't offer much for demos right now. I'm sure over time the channel will expand.

The channel also gives you the option of sharing information such as the games you play, and allows you to also rate the games to help others looking for games for them. Also, there is a Purchase button that will bring up a menu of retailers where you can buy from them online using your Wii. (GameStop isn't included)

Just go on the Wii Shop Channel and go to Wii Ware and download the channel. WiiWare will also be available next Monday. Nintendo has a WiiWare video up on the Nintendo Channel as well that you should check out.

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