Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Nintendo Games

7月10日 DS伝説のスタフィー たいけつ!ダイール海賊団 4,800円
7月24日 Wiiワリオランド シェイク 5,800円
7月31日 Wii零 月蝕の仮面 6,800円
7月31日 DSリズム天国ゴールド 3,800円
8月 7日 DSファイアーエムブレム 新暗黒竜と光の剣 4,800円

July 10 DS Densetsu no Starfi
July 24 Wii Wario Land Shake
July 31 Wii Rei (Fatal Frame)
July 31 Rhythm Tengoku Gold
Aug 7 DS Fire Emblem DS
Aug 22 DS Inazuma Eleven

Well, someone on NeoGAF has taken info from a Japanese blog and posted it up for all of us to see. Anyone find it odd how Disaster was pushed back when there is Mario Sluggers coming out in June and Wario Land Shake coming out in July? Coincidence I think not, I think it was delayed to just let these games succeed. You can check it out here.

I am very excited for these games, I just wish Nintendo would bring over Stafy games. Glad to know that Fatal Frame is still alive, I just wish we had a US date already. Also, Rhythm Tengoku on GBA was fun, so the DS game should be ever better! I'm also excited for Fire Emblem since I believe it is a remake of the first game in the series, one of many in the FE series that I have yet to play.

Anyway I'm off to bed. I don't think I'm going to be posting anymore Wii Fit progress from me. I also didn't play tonight due to being too tired from work. Goodnight!

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