Saturday, May 17, 2008

I got The Dog Island

Well today I decided to go out and get The Dog Island for Wii after seeing a video on GoNintendo. I got it for $30 at GameStop. Don't go to Best Buy if you want it, they are charging $50 for it. Since it's a pretty niche title I would say the $30 price point is more accurate than the $50. Anyway, here is a pick below:

I don't understand what it is with Ubisoft and their plain boxarts? However, they used a cute puppy for the cover! Here is the Japanese box art for those of you who want to compare here.

Anyway, I'll start playing this tonight, hopefully it is as good as I hope it is. I think I may start writing reviews again soon, especially on these niche titles that need help to sell! If any game makers are reading this site, I would gladly except review copies of your games!

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