Thursday, May 15, 2008

Konami News Galore

New Games Announced
Critter Round-Up (WiiWare - May 2008)
New International Track & Field (DS - July 2008)
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS - Fall 2008)
>Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2 (Wii - Fall 2008)
Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked (Wii - Fall 2008)
Rock Revolution (Wii, DS - Fall 2008)
Elebits 2 (DS - Fall 2008)

The press Releases for these games can be found at the links provided. I am very excited for Konami's games this fall. Though I wish Elebits 2 was for Wii instead of DS, but we'll see if it ends up good. Rock Revolution could be good, and DDR Hottest Party 2 could also be good. I hope Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked is good. The DS games have been sort of lack luster, and reviews of Lost in Blue 2 & 3 made the games out to be terrible. Hopefully this game changes things. (Elebits 2 hasn't been announced but has appeared on Check out the press releases at the link provided.

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