Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wii Fit Progress

Well I finally got to play Wii Fit.

I just got done playing it for an hour. I tried some poses, strength training, aerobics, and balance games. On one of the Yoga poses it said I was a couch potato, lol. On the lunges of the strength training it said I was like a master or something.

I am so sweaty and tired after playing the game. I am really happy I got this game, thank you Nintendo. I never thought I would ever get Wii Fit until just recently, and now that I have I am really glad I decided to purchase it. It's a really good way to burn the excess energy I sometimes have at night.

I would say this game is like a perfect score, however I hope Nintendo can somehow further the experience of Wii Fit and also create new games for the Balance Board.

Great job, Nintendo!!!

It said my Wii Fit age was 31, and I'm 18, lol. I also laughed when my Mii got hit in the head with the cleets and panda heads. I also chose a female instructor even though I'm a guy, her voice is more soothing to me.

I am going to be using this blog to track my Wii Fit progress everyday! ^.^


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