Monday, March 17, 2008

Brawl All The Time

Yeah so it seems I've pretty much been playing Brawl nonstop and neglecting this blog, I'm sorry to you 5 readers out there! However, I'm finally planning to get off my butt and try to write a review for a game, and you already know which one, Brawl of course. This is only because I can think about and remember everything about this game. I still need to figure out how to convert this blog to allow me to do "Read More" posts so the Review doesn't take up the whole front page of the blog. If I could do that I think I would pretty much be all set.

So if any of you know how to use Blogger and can do some coding please contact me, I really want to do something with this blog for once!

One of the things I'm thinking about doing is previews on import games that are coming out also. And if any of yall plan on getting one of those Wii Freeloaders and importing Japanese games, I would love to have you as part of this blog, impressions of import games seem to be a big thing among the Nintendo fans out there!

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