Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Activision/Red Octane send out Gift to GH3 Replacement Disk Recipients

Well I wasn't sure if they were going to give them to everyone who had their disk replaced. Basically, the Wii version of Guitar Hero III was missing the sound output option for Stereo and it was supposed to have it. Several people complained and Activision & Red Octane took the hit for it and decided to offer a disk exchange program. It actually took a while for them to get it going.

Now for those who have received their replacement disk, later on they will receive a free Guitar Hero III Wii faceplate. It looks pretty cool, I just took a picture of it which you can see below. I would say that Activision/Red Octane are an awesome company to do something like this. Most companies don't do stuff like this, so I applaud Activision & Red Octane for their generosity. I also think they did this so the customers keep buying Guitar Hero games. I may or may not buy Guitar Hero Aerosmith; I really want downloadable content!

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