Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome to March

So Zack and Wiki once again got a bit annoying and boring so I stopped playing it again. I decided to pick back up Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles yesterday and see if I could get past the part I was stuck on "Train Derailment Part 2" where I kept dying. I finally managed to get passed it and I beat the boss without dying. Then I went through "Train Derailment Part 3" and beat that without dying as well. I'm playing on Easy and the game seems so hard still, plus my arm is really tired now.

The game has redeemed itself to me now that I have found a way to get passed the difficult part! I was thinking it may have been a bad buy for me since I can't even play Resident Evil 4 which I have for both Gamecube & Wii. I always get killed by the villagers in the beginning and I get lost to. Maybe I should stop playing Adventure type games so much, I always get lost and it annoys me to where I don't want to play. Sorry I'm just complaining like I always do! ^_^;

Anyways, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is out in 5 days!!! Don't forget about the Tournament & Midnight Launch at GameStop because you can challenge other Smash fans and also walk home with your copy of the game and play it all night! I am so excited that I will finally have an Online Wii game that I will play all the time and never get bored of.


Anonymous said...

Keep at it, Scott. You should make it a goal to try and finish RE:UC before Brawl comes out. It's not really a very long game.

MidnightScott said...

So I've been playing some more, finished Weskers missions and then did Mansion 1, and then did Rebeccas Mission where she is on her own. Currently I'm playing as Jill w/ Chris as a tag-along and I'm up to the plant boss thing. I keep getting killed by it. Is there any way to dodge its tentacles that spray that stuff out or how do I take them out, I shoot at them and it does nothing, I even tried the knife >_>;

I keep getting killed by it, help me =o

kentbphat said...

I hear you about Z&W.
I had to shelve it (while I try to finish up No More Heroes) becuase Z&W gets pretty frustrating. Damn mirror level has just about tortured me.

Looking forward to Brawl.