Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rest In Peace Bandit, We Love and Miss You!!!!

Bandit ~ October 1996- Feb. 9, 2008 ~ Rest in Peace Old Friend!!!

I just lost another great friend of mine. His name was Bandit and he belonged to my grandfather, but most of all he was part of our family and we miss him so much. Bandit was diagnosed with a liver problem back in November, and the veterinarian thought it may be cancer. Well ever since Bandit got back from the vet he acted like he used to as always. Barking at us to let him out, feed him, play with him. So we thought he would be around for a good long time, but now he just left us for heaven. ;___;

My dog Harley is moping around, he's laying down by the stairs like he is waiting for Bandit to come back. I mean I know Harley knows Bandit is gone, but I still think he has some kind of hope that Bandit will walk right through the front door. Every time we let him outside in the backyard he goes to the spot where Bandit passed away and sniffs around looking for him. I hope Harley can get through this, and I'm going to try my best to help him.

I'm just really sad right now. I've had too much pain and sorrow in my life that I've thought about ending it so many times. I know that is crazy but I could never do that to my family. I would never purposely take my own life. It's just I'm tired of all the sadness in my life, I want more happiness to come and for the past several years I have lost several family members as well as my dog Midnight back in 2000.

Bandit was a great dog and friend, and I know he is up in heaven with all of my other family, probably visiting with grandma and Midnight. I know he is in a better place and not suffering anymore which makes me have a little bit of closure. But I will miss Bandit for the rest of my life.


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