Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Progress as Travis Touchdown

I've been playing No More Heroes like crazy, and today I beat Holly Summers and became Rank 6. I just got enough money to participate in the Rank 5 challenge. I'm trying to make the game last because last time when I got a game I wanted so bad I finished it in a few days and it made me kinda sad that I didn't take my time. (Super Mario Galaxy is the game in question.)

I've done many side-jobs to earn enough money to pay for each Ranked Mission and by doing Assassin side-jobs as well. Some of the side-jobs consist of Mowing a Lawn, Filling Up Cars with Gas, Picking up Garbage and usual normal stuff like that. The assassin missions are really random, one is to kill the CEO of a pizza joint, another one is to hit a baseball with the beam katana and take out all your opponents, and another is just Travis in dark mode going nuts on his opponents, slicing them with one attack in a certain time limit. I also bought a new Beam Katana and extra add-ons for it from Naomi, which took a hefty amount of cash from Travis. Then I had to do more jobs just to enter the next ranked mission.

This game is just one of the best games on the Wii so far from third parties. Other third parties in particular Sega and Ubisoft need to delay their games, polish them, and come up with some new ideas instead of rushing their games, leaving them full of errors, and not making it the best it could possibly be. I mean seriously, a Sonic racing game with no WiFi? NiGHTS had WiFi, why can't Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity? And what is with Ubisoft releasing games full of glitches...polish your games and make them fun, not just cheap cash-ins. There is no way that their best effort can be some Rayman mini-games. If 3rd parties took the time to develop their games instead of rushing them, then maybe more serious gamers would buy them.

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