Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No More Heroes is awesome!!!

Wow, so far I've only played about 3 hours of the game and let me tell you, this is a masterpiece! Sure the F word and S word are spammed a lot but it's only for comedic affect most of the time. I wasn't expecting the F word in a game...I just never saw that happening.

Travis has this bad boy attitude and it's pretty awesome. The only thing that disappoints me is that the video for Heavenly Star is not included in the US version, instead we get all of the blood and a replacement of the video with one of the first trailers for the game. Come on Ubisoft why did you have to take away the video? ;-;

But yeah, the combat is pretty interesting, there are so many different combos you can pull off, but most of the time I found myself beheading every little opponent that came up to me. The boss battles are pretty challenging even on "Sweet" mode which is just the usual Easy mode to all of us gamers out there. The game is just so awesome that any mature gamer will love it a lot. I can't see people buying this for their kids due to all of the cussing and stuff, but I'm sure they will be buying it for themselves once they see what it has to offer.

Pick up No More Heroes now if you are allowed and can tolerate the awesomeness that this game offers! If you don't then you are missing out on one of the Wii's best 3rd Party games ever!

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