Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kirby Fever, Space Invaders, and a Wii Update

Yeah, so Kirby 64 came out on the Wii's virtual console yesterday. I remember playing that game at my friends house all the time, but like many other N64 games I never owned it. So ofcourse I took advantage of downloading it on the Wii. The game plays perfectly with no qualms I am happy to report, so if your a Kirby fan or want a unique experience this is one of the better games on the Virtual Console. You can even mix two powers to make a unique power that is only available in this game. (I wish that system was utilized in other Kirby games, make it happen in Kirby for the Wii, Nintendo!)

I also decided to play Kirby: Canvas Curse on DS which I got back in July 2005 the other day. I finally finished the main story and collected all of the medals that you get in the levels. I still need to collect the medals from the Rainbow Run mode but I'll save that for another time. Other then that I'm pretty much done with that game. (As you can tell I'm a Kirby fan even though I only own 4 games, I've played many games in the series!)

As you know I have an R4 so I can try games out before I buy them. The latest game I tried just came out in Japan, Space Invaders Extreme. This latest reworking of the ancient game really reminds me of Meteos style. It's got techno music and flashy background graphics. And you know what, this game is surprisingly addictive. I never thought I would be playing this much. Sadly the game won't be coming stateside for a few months, but it is basically import friendly as the game talks to you and displays most things in English. (The only Japanese I saw was description of each mode.) I think I will definitely pick this one up. The game also uses the Paddle controller but there is no word whether that peripheral will be brought over to the US.

Also, there was a Wii System Update to version 3.2 - basically all it will do is if you pop in a game that requires a Wii Update, it will display a message on the Wii Menu in the Disk Channel space just like how the Wii Shop Channel shows off one of the latest games available on it. I guess it could kind of help those modders/hackers out there with modchips by protecting them from a game that will cause their Wii to brick...lol.

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Kent said...

Lovin' the blog man.
I'm an older Wii geek (33) who has grown up with all of Nintendo's systems.

Anyway, keep it up - always good to read about others who are living the Nintendlife.