Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sonic Rush Adventure Progress

Well I picked Sonic Rush Adventure back up for play. I finished the main story mode, but there was still lots for me to do. So far I have 6 of the 7 Chaos Emeralds, and let me tell you that it was no easy challenge to get to them. I'm so glad I have a screen protector on my DS Lite because I think I would end up destroying it if I didn't. Anyway, I can't get the last Emerald, it's so difficult! So I'm now just playing the missions, which can be pretty simple such as collecting Rings in a certain time limit or annoying like defeating a boss all over again. I also need to get all the Sol Emeralds, which I think you do in the mission mode. This game is different from Sonic Rush, the story is basically played as Sonic, instead of separate stories for both. After a while you can play as Blaze, but it's still not as fun as the first game!!! Hopefully I can add this game to my "DS Games I have Beaten" list before I get anymore DS games. So wish me luck!

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