Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pokémon Ranger 2 Screenshots, Art, and Info

  • Missions are obtained at the Ranger Bases or Ranger Union. These are vital for progressing in the game
  • The Sub-Missions, or Quests if you will, are obtained from members of the public in various areas. These do not progress the game but do encourage the Ranger Union to give you upgrades for your Capture Styler as well as many other possible items
  • Not only can you Surf on your Pokémon, but Riding them is more common in this game rather than just in the Challenges in the first game. For example:
    • Running on a Doduo
    • Riding through Lava on a Torkoal
    • Surfing on an Empoleon
    • Flying with a Drifloon
    • Diving Underwater with Mantine
  • The Pokémon above have these as their Pokémon Assists so these are in addition to the Pokémon with Assists that effect Physical objects in-game

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