Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sonic Rush Adventure: Finished

Well I collected the last Chaos Emerald while I was at the Doctor's Office with my mom. Then when I got home I went to all of the Hidden Islands which unlocked the missions to get the Sol Emeralds playing as Blaze. After that it unlocked the final battle sequence, which I can say was actually kinda easy compared to just the main story boss, which was very difficult. If you are one of those Sonic fans who doesn't have this game and wants to see the final battle, you can check out a youtube video here. The missions are ridiculously hard, such as do 30 tricks in like 40 seconds, it's freaking hard! Anyway, I really did enjoy this game and I hope for those of you who do get it will enjoy it as well. Thanks SEGA for making another good handheld Sonic game, can't wait for another game in the Sonic Rush series!

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