Friday, January 25, 2008

I got Zack & Wiki!

Well apparently Zack & Wiki showed up early in the mail. I got it just yesterday when it wasn't due to be delivered until Saturday, which is really odd because I chose free shipping and bought it through Amazon while it was on sale.

Anyway, I'm actually liking this game. When Zack dies it can be hilarious. Anyway, this game may look kiddy and easy, then your perception of the game is totally wrong. The puzzles can take several minutes, even hours(from what I've heard) to figure out and solve. I've already died a couple of times during the puzzles and I've only played 4 or 5 of them. I definitely recommend this game to people who like solving Puzzles and Point-and-Click Adventure fans who liked Phoenix Wright or Hotel Dusk.

I actually like this game a lot so I know it will keep me occupied while I wait for Endless Ocean and No More Heroes to arrive in the future. I am so happy I got a Wii now that all of these games are coming out. Too bad Zack & Wiki didn't do well in sells, so I command all of you to get this game! We need more original IP's like this on the Wii!

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