Friday, December 28, 2007

My Guitar Hero III & NiGHTS Progress

Well, I played Guitar Hero III more and more and I can say I'm definitely addicted to it. I've played it more than NiGHTS & Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles combined! So far I only have finished Easy mode. I tried the first song on Medium mode and lets just say it was a train wreck for me :(. It is going to take a lot of progress for me to get good at this game, hopefully I can achieve it someday!

Anyways, I've also played one of my friends online, and I can say it all ran smoothly and there was absolutely no lag, which makes me and everyone else using Nintendo WiFi happy. It gives you a bunch of options such as face-off, pro-face off, co-op, and battle mode on various songs on the internet. You can also link your game to your account on You can see my account here:

As I said before, I've only played NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for a couple of minutes. I'm only up to the third mission. What I'm most upset about really in the game is the graphics. There is no excuse for the game to look bad compared to Sonic and the Secret Rings, what are they doing, being lazy or something? They spent all this time making the CGI so beautiful yet they let the in-game graphics suffer miserably. Come on Sonic Team, get your head in the game. I haven't had anyone to try out against on WiFi Racing, Battle modes, or the My Dream feature as I don't know anyone who really has NiGHTS yet. I guess all in do time. NiGHTS isn't bad but it isn't great either, and it's not as amazing as the videos I've watched of the first game even, which I heard is a really awesome game. It would be nice if it was on the Virtual Console! Anyway, I guess I just need to play NiGHTS more to get into it!

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