Saturday, December 15, 2007

I finished Phoenix Wright 3 & got a Wii Zapper

Hey, sorry I haven't updated! I finished Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations on Thursday, and I can say that I had a little tear in my eyes; it's sad to see the Phoenix Wright chapter of the story come to the end. However, the good thing about this, is that the next game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is due out in February, and Phoenix Wright will be in it, but he isn't a lawyer anymore, he's kinda like a hobo now.

Also, I was at Target yesterday (we were looking for a car charger & case for my mom's new phone) and I decided to see if there were any copies of Guitar Hero III Wii available, I didn't see any. What I did find was the Wii Zapper, which apparently is pretty much sold out everywhere. They had two copies left so I got one anyway. The funny thing about it is that when me and my mom play Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles together, she's gonna use the Wii Zapper, not me! The Zapper doesn't look much like a gun, compared to the gun like accessory Nyko is putting out, might be interesting!

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