Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Guitar Hero is FUN!

Yeah, so I got Guitar Hero III for Christmas, and as you may or may not know, it was my first GH game. Ofcourse I only tried it once at first and couldn't hit any note at all. Anyways, I just got done playing through the "Quick Play" Mode on Easy and I started doing very well on all the songs. My highest score was a 90% on School's Out For Summer, so go me. I never thought the game could be so much fun, I actually felt kinda like dancing to the music while playing, and that is a rare thing for me to do! I definitely can't wait to be an expert someday, I just know it takes practice like anything else.

Oh yeah, I also got my friend code: 0774-2987-9303

Guitar Hero rules!!! ^_^

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Tristan H said...

lol nice coppage of Guitar Hero, I usually dont get it as there are only one or two tracks on the game that I like. So I usually just listen to friends and watch them play it.