Saturday, December 15, 2007

Darkrai Silhouette on

Well apparently the Legendary Pokémon "Darkrai" who has it's own movie, and event in the Diamond & Pearl videogames has it's silhouette floating around Poké

The 10th Pokémon movie which stars Darkrai is due out next year in the US on DVD. I have a feeling this is either the release date of the movie, the Darkrai event, or most likely both. If anything, if there is an event, they will probably give out the Darkrai in the Cherish Ball that the Japanese fans got (I have one myself hehe!). The same Manaphy that we have was given out in Japan as well. So time will tell, but let me say that Darkrai is an awesome Pokémon! ^_^

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trinest said...

If you catch it. It tells you its secret.