Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today was my birthday

Well, today 19 years ago, I was born. One of the nicest things someone did for me at work today was buy me a brownie which was $2.50, my own boss didn't even say happy birthday to me, I just don't think he really cares about me to be honest.

Anyway, supposedly I'm getting a 50 cent raise on my next paycheck, yay I guess, but he keeps cutting my friggin hours so there isn't anything to be joyous about.

My grandpa got me a refurbished camera of the same exact model of my old one, so that was cool, I don't have to learn a new camera. He also got a 2GB picture card for it meaning I'll have ton of space for pictures and longer videos ^_^

Anyway I celebrated my birthday last Friday by going to Benihana with my family, and like I said I got 3 games & 3 DVDs from my brother.

Oh geez, I just realized this is my last year of being a teenager (-_-;)