Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rumor: Nintendo Power reveals "Sonic and the Black Knight" for Wii

First, let me just say this: W T F!? Now for the supposed cover of September 2008 issue of Nintendo Power:

Oh man, now my head is going to spin around in circles. What the hell is SEGA trying to do to Sonic? (if this is real, I think it may be fake, though it looks real enough) Sonic Unleashed looks like a really promising game.

Of course, you know where this originated, from a NeoGAF thread as usual. Dead Rising was on there and it turned out to be real, so maybe this Sonic game is real too?

What's with the name though, is this Sonic & Batman in the same game!? Come on, you know that is sarcasm right there, don't whine at me!

I can see that it would take advantage of WiiMotionPlus probably. If this is real, lets just hope it doesn't suck, even if it isn't a main series Sonic game. More news once it becomes available.

UPDATE: I just realized that last months Nintendo Power shows a silhouette of a sword, I thought it might be Fire Emblem. But either someone is f***ing with us or this is real.

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