Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wii Fit Craze

Well, even though a few months ago I was bashing Wii Fit for how useless it looked, I have actually taken a huge interest in the title. One thing was my mom finally decided that she was interested in it because of the yoga poses and the new way to play the game. The other reason is because it could help you tighten up your body so you are more healthy. Those same things interest me.

Despite the game being $90 in the US ($20 more than in Japan), I went and preordered it at GameStop today for $10. Here is another video of the English version from Chechoslovakia:
The game is going to be released in the US last on May 19th, which is surprising for Nintendo. I guess it is because we get Mario Kart on April 27th. Be sure to preorder soon, because you never know how popular the game may become in the month leading up to its release. In Europe, they have pretty much stopped taking preorders for the game because the stores are aware of the allocation they have received. I don't know if it is a small number or if it's a big number, but it sounds like the game is very popular in Europe already.

I still think Nintendo is ripping off the whole rest of the world. A game this cheap to develop is going to cost $90 in the US, and about $140 in Europe. I think that is kind of ridiculous, but with the economy being the way it is, I guess it is okay. But come on, what is with that Euro price being so high. (twice the price of the game in Japan = ouch.) Each region the game is being brought to seems to have produced it's own version with their own voices. The US version will feature a typical American voice while the English in the European version will feature a British voice. The game actually sounds like it encourages you, have you ever seen that in a game before, I really haven't?

I have yet to see Nintendo start their massive marketing campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if it is going to start in the next few days. You would think the best way they could do this is to release the Everyone's Nintendo Channel to the rest of the world with tons of videos and commercials for Wii Fit. Then they could air commercials on TV, and the game will be spread by word of mouth, kind of like how the Wii was when it first launched. All I know is that Wii Fit will be a phenomenon almost as big as the Wii itself. Can't wait!

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