Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beat Captain Rainbow!

I finally beat Captain Rainbow! The game isn't very long; my finishing time was about 15 hours or so. I really found the story to be interesting even though I pretty much don't know what was being said. If you have homebrew on your Wii, I definitely recommend this as an import title to play.

Helping obscure Nintendo characters that I never really knew about made it kind of interesting, as well as funny with having to help Birdo with it's dilemma.

However, once you beat the game and save after the credits, you can no longer play your save file at all, which is kind of annoying. I mean I could've saved it in a different slot, but why do I need to go play it again? There isn't really anything you need to complete in the game, so I'm considering it finished.

This wasn't a review, but if I had to rate Captain Rainbow, I would give it an 80% for being unique and interesting!

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Anonymous said...

Good job scotty