Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rescuing Forgotten Nintendo Characters

Well so far in Captain Rainbow I have managed to send Mappo the Robot (from Giftpia) and Lip (from Panel de Pon) away from Mimin Island. Basically I had to do something to get their friendship bond, then collect enough stars to enable a big star to appear. Then I have to get the big star, find the character I want to send away from the island, and then have to take them to the Mimin shrine.

On the way up there I can pass the star between Nick and the other character, but I have to avoid the black Goo things, because they will try to steal the star. If they do then I have to chase them around and ram into them to start a fight. A Mimin with a gong will appear, and once the gong is hit you have to push the A button first and Nick will do a sideswipe. It's pretty easy to do but the Mimin will try to trick you into going too early, thus making you lose. If the black goo monster has the star too long it's power will be absorbed making it useless.

I'm really having trouble with Ossan the Golfer (from NES Golf), as well as Little Mac (from Punch-Out!!)'s minigames. In Ossan's game you have to swing your golf club and hit moving targets. The targets that give you more points are smaller and move faster, but if you even miss a target you always lose like 10 points. I keep missing too much, thus having to wait until the next day once again. -_-;

Little Mac is basically overweight in this game, and you have to play a Rhythm punching game (a la Wii Fit's minigame except super hard) to help him burn calories. The fact is that there are 3 difficulty modes, and you have to get between 18,000 and 19,000 something calories burned. If you burn too little he will remain fat, and if you burn too much he'll be skinny as a rail. I ended up turning him into nothing but a toothpick pretty much. Now I don't know how to initiate him into another minigame because he disappeared. Hopefully he turns up soon so I can get his Friendship Bond and send him away from Mimin Island.

What's annoying is that if you lose, you have to wait until the next day (which you can speed up by sleeping at Hikari's) to redo the event. I'm starting to get tired of having to do this! If the game had several areas where you could fast-forward time in I wouldn't be so annoyed in the first place. I guess this is what I get for playing a game with a language barrier, but it is still a great game nonetheless!

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