Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

Yes well, Happy 2009 everyone! I know I'm 7 days late, but I've been busy with my family. I have really gotten into Animal Crossing: City Folk lately. And I've chatted online with a couple of online friends too, so the game is definitely more interesting. I hope I get to see all of the Japanese festivals in the Japanese version soon! It's more interesting then just the usual holidays :)

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm sure there is probably only like less than five readers. The truth hurts, doesn't it? :(

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Car90x said...

Ah i've been wondering about that game...Don't have a Wii anymore though, but i am saving up for a PS3, so i won't be console-less for long :)

Right after that though, better believe "wii would like to play!"

Happy New year bro!

from one of your few readers,