Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beat Professor Layton!

Wow, I just finished Professor Layton's story mode. Sure there are more challenges, and one more extra puzzle to be finished, but you know I think I did a pretty good job. I just got the game the other day and already finished it, so I'm happy. ^_^

The last extra mystery in the game can't be solved until Nintendo supplies a code, which according to the booklet says will be included in the next Layton game.

However, this game came out a year ago, and we still haven't heard a thing about the sequels coming to the US. I hope Nintendo of America releases them, because it would be sad if they didn't! Layton is a unique game series and I want to see more of it soon!


soaring_wings said...

wow, that was quick! I'm still not finished Layton, but that's mostly because I'm playing other things and I'm taking my time solving the puzzles. :)

Kyle said...

I've been stuck on the last puzzle of Layton for a while. Maybe I'll pick it back up and beat it. I don't want to use an FAQ in a game like this.

And I agree, I really hope NoA brings the Professor Layton sequel stateside.