Thursday, February 26, 2009

Three New DSi Colors for Japan

Well, just as I predicted/expected, three new colors of DSi will be released in Japan before the rest of the world even gets the system.

Pink, Metallic Blue, and Lime Green are the new colors that will be released on March 20th.

Come on Nintendo of America, why couldn't you have given me that blue? I mean I like the light blue DSi too but I always wanted a dark blue system. But I want DSi at launch, so light blue it is!


trevor said...

I know for real! Japans got all the good stuff. I wanted a green DSI But Noooooo America only has black white pink and light blue... There a whole lot of OTHER Colors out there in the world and they only make 4 colors. Thats kinda weak. So instead of green (my favorite color) I just got a black one instead. lol

trevor said...
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