Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nintendo announces Wii Fit Plus & New DSi Colors

Wii Fit Plus will be released on October 4th as a bundle with a Wii Balance Board for $99.99 and the standalone software for $19.99.

On September 13th, the White and Pink versions of the Nintendo DSi will be released in North America.

This holiday season, Nintendo is going to release the Black Wii Remote, Motion Plus, and the Nunchuck in the US.


soaring_wings said...

do you mean Nintendo of Japan? because as far I as know, Nintendo of America "has no plans" on releasing the black wii. Of course this would not be the first time they say X, but then decide they want to do Y instead.

MidnightScott said...

Nope, at the GameStop Manager's Conference, Nintendo revealed that they would release a Wii Remote with a Motion Plus in a Bundle in the black color, and black Nunchuck's stand alone. No mention of the Black Wii system was made...just the controllers. But I wouldn't put it past them to do so either way.