Saturday, September 5, 2009

I got Muramasa: The Demon Blade

So today, I decided to go pick up Muramasa: The Demon Blade for Wii. Originally, XSEED Games was going to be publishing the title, but Ignition Entertainment aquired it from Marvelous instead. The original release of the game was planned for July, but was pushed back to September instead, but that's okay with me!

I just love the art style. I decided to start playing as Momohime first, later on I'll play as Kisuke. It's gonna take me a while to learn this game, such as all the different combos you can perform, as well as the special move each blade you aquire can perform. I'm really enjoying it though, I just wish it wasn't out at the same time as I got my PS3, because I'll be torn between it and the Wii.

If you are one of the people out there who are claiming there are no games geared toward gamers on the Wii, then you should pick this game up! It's such a beautiful game and it's a hack n slash with tons of different kinds of swords.

I also picked up from Best Buy, the Studio Ghibli films Pom Poko (which I just watched) and Porco Rosso. I absolutely love Ghibli films, not only for their art style and presentation, but for the stories they revolve around. Can't wait to pick up more films in the future!

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