Monday, April 6, 2009

We got a new puppy named Shadow!

Today I didn't even know my grandpa was going to be picking out a new puppy. When I was driving to work I expected to see him playing golf at the course he plays and I didn't see him so I was wondering where he went.

Anyway earlier my mom called me and told me that my grandpa had picked up a black labrador puppy. I was so excited/worried (^o^;). She told me our dog Harley has been basically pushing it around the yard, sniffing, licking and all that stuff. Harley is passed out right now, the new puppy tired him out lol.

I asked my mom if they had a name for him yet, but she said that my grandpa went online to look up names but they didn't really like any of those. So I suggested Shadow and my grandpa thinks its good, as well as my mom. So Shadow it is! He is so cute and jumps around and tried to attack my grandpa's feet when he was playing with him.

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