Monday, March 9, 2009

I got Disaster: Day of Crisis (PAL)

Last week I decided to import a European copy of Disaster: Day of Crisis for the Wii. It only cost me $49.20, and I got it from It took less than a week for it to arrive, so they are an awesome site!

I came to the conclusion that the game Disaster: Day of Crisis is probably never going to come to the US for several reasons, which I state below:

-With all of the natural disasters that have been occuring in the US lately, I think Nintendo of America is worried that people will shun them.

-The game bombed in Japan, Europe, and Australia (despite getting a good review from Famitsu)

-It is already March, and games we didn't even know about have been announced with release dates, but no mention of Disaster: Day of Crisis. (Ex. Excitebots & Starfy)

Anyway, here is the European version of Disaster: Day of Crisis pictured below:

Even if the game does come out later on, that's Nintendo's loss for taking too long to release it in the US.


RS Trax said...

DESASTAAAH Get! I want that, gimme that! \:D/
Let's see how it'll take for Fatal Frame 4 to release in the PAL region.

// Roth

matchesrbad4u said...

for some reason, when i tried to import the same game from the same website i got an error during checkout and had to call their customer services, but the phone lines closed by 3pm which is their equivalent to 8pm.

was the process just as difficult for you?

i still never got it. please explain what type of magic you pulled off to import a PAL game!