Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beat Disaster: Day of Crisis

Well I just finished Disaster: Day of Crisis. I know it seems like I did it very fast, but I've been playing it everyday since I got it. It's just such a good game! Nintendo of America is very foolish for not bringing this game over. The hardcore will love it, and I think the casuals would even give it a chance due to it's [mostly] easy control scheme.

I love the atmosphere, it is totally what you would expect in a disaster type film. I mean I actually started dreaming about the game. I went through Hurricane Ike back in September last year, and the winds in the game were like the winds in real life. It was very scary and stuff, but we got lucky we didn't live in Galveston.

Anyway, I definitely do recommend Disaster: Day of Crisis for importing. If you need help with setting up the homebrew, just give me a buzz and I'll be there eagerly. I just don't get why Nintendo sent this game out to not do well, when it really is an awesome game!

I hope for a sequel ^.^

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