Sunday, March 15, 2009

I got New Play Control! Pikmin

Well I went to Best Buy intending to only purchase another anime series, since I just finished watching S-cry-ed. But then I decided to look at the gaming section and said "what the hell" and picked up New Play Control! Pikmin. Then I saw they had some Nyko Battery charger replacements, so I picked that up to. One of my batteries I think is busted because everytime I charge it, and then try to use it, the Wiimotes never turn on.

Yes, I realize alot of people are calling me stupid considering I just got Disaster: Day of Crisis & MadWorld, that I'm getting Pokémon Platinum in a week, and Rhythm Heaven and a DSi system in 3 weeks. But I'm almost finished with Disaster: Day of Crisis, so no worries hopefully!

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