Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pokémon Platinum & Fire Emblem Release Date?

Overnight, Circuit City.com revealed a page for Pokémon Platinum, with a specific release date of March 22nd, 2009. The page has since been removed, so the game may very well be coming out then. Here is the image below:

Pluto is known as "Charon", Handsome is known as "Looker", and the Torn World is known as the "Distortion World". I don't understand why they would change Pluto's name in the US as Pluto is a Galaxy admin. I am so excited, I can't wait to play this game. I hope the release date ends up being true.

Update: They can't use Pluto as a character name because of the Disney character having the name trademarked back in 1930. It really sucks, though Charon is the name of one of Pluto's moons.

Circuit City also has a page up for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, complete with boxart and a release date of February 23rd, 2009. It's starting to make the Pokémon date look more likely, and this sounds very likely as well. All we need to know is what game for DS that might be released in January. I have a feeling it could be Rhythm Heaven, since Mario & Luigi RPG 3 isn't even out in Japan yet.

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