Friday, December 5, 2008


If you are a gamer, than you probably have a backlog.

A backlog is basically games you haven't played until completion. Getting to the credits simply means you have beaten a game. But to complete it, it means unlocking all the extra characters/modes/stages and finishing them all. Mastering is where you get perfect ranks/scores on each stage/mode you are playing.

I myself have a huge backlog of games that I haven't even made it to the title screen in. I basically got caught up in each new game that was coming out and then ignored the ones I had already in my possession. I am what you call a Gaming Shopaholic. I buy all the cool games that come out (for DS/Wii) even when I'm not finished with my old games, which led to my backlog.

Recently I was directed to a site called The Backloggery. This site lets you add your games for each system to help you keep track of what is Unfinished, Beaten, Complete, or Mastered. Most people won't have any mastered games, but many people will have Complete.

The Backloggery also has a random game generator for whatever game you might want to play. Recently I used it and it brought up Minicopter: Adventure Flight. The toy RC copter game is actually a budget title, and thus very short. So I went back to play it tonight and I just Beat the game. I didn't Complete it though, as there were Treasure stages I didn't finish and ofcourse I haven't collected all of the different RC helicopters.

So do you have a backlog? If so, how many games are in it?

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soaring_wings said...

thanks for the awesome site link =)
I have an enormous backlog! I too am a gaming shopaholic ^^;;;