Thursday, August 20, 2009

New DSi Colors for North America on Sep. 13

Well, according to a NeoGAF thread, a person who works for Play N Trade received an email at his store about two new DSi colors being released on September 13th. The colors that they are planning to release are the White and Pink variations. Whether the Pink one is the same as the hot pink DSi released in Japan on March 20th of this year, is not yet known.

I honestly don't consider such information as a rumor. Just the other day I said in the GoNintendo IRC that Nintendo will release the White & Pink DSi's next...I guess to help pull in the female demographic even more, even though most don't like Pink anyway. Honestly if I remember correctly, I believe Nintendo released the Black & Pink DS Lite's back in September 2006/2007...which is where I'm getting this trend from.

The Pink DSi released in Japan on March 20, 2009.

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soaring_wings said...

I don't mind pink, it really depends on the shade, if it's really light pink (like the Coral DS Lite) then I'll probably pick up pink, otherwise, white.