Saturday, August 29, 2009

LostWinds Sequel Revealed

- Called Lost Winds: Winter of Melodias
- Toku can change seasons
- Switch between summer and winter
- Skills: swim, create cyclones
- Cyclones have a few abilities such as being able to drill through rocks, scoop up water
- Map has been redone
- Hint system
- Developers were pleased with the first game but still have many ideas
- Devs listened for complaint about length
- NPCs are more interactive and have more to say, help you more (which will add to the game’s length)
- Takes place almost immediately following the first game
- Magdi (Toku’s mother) has gone missing while exploring ruins of a city created by the Melodia
- Toku and Enril go to the mountains to rescue her – her journal provides the only clues
- Arrive at Summerfalls Village – it’s trapped in an eternal winter
- People at the village fear monsters in the snow
- Toku manages to get the help of Sonte, a spirit who can help him change seasons
- Old elements are still in this sequel in addition to a number of new elements
- Changing seasons will be important for many puzzles
- Glorbs (gooey enemies from the first game) are back and have new forms
- Create a cyclone by pressing buttons in the Wii remote and doing a firm shake
- Sales of the first game “were pretty much spot on” with the developer’s predictions
- Game is almost done with development

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