Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Confirmed!!!

The rumor has been going around for a few years, and been heating up the past few days when the Japanese show Pokémon Sunday revealed they would be revealing new Pokémon games on Sunday May 10th. However, Pokémon Japan has already leaked the games, called "Heart Gold" & "Soul Silver" and are due out this Fall in Japan.


I am so going to be importing Soul Silver! Maybe I'll import both who knows, and then buy both when they come out in English. We still have a couple of months to go so we'll just wait and see!


soaring_wings said...

I won't be importing, but I will definitely be picking up the localized soul silver :D

Anonymous said...

Pokemon is for kids!!!! *goes back to watching wrestling*

Koty said...

i will probably be importing. does anyone know how much it will cost?