Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My E3 Predictions

As with most other websites, I am going to writing up my predictions for E3 this year. I expect this E3 to be much better than last years pathetic event.


Disaster: Day of Crisis (it still has a chance. Nintendo recently trademarked Card Hero which is an old DS game, so they can decide to release this any time they want)

Sin & Punishment 2 detailed (possible release date but you know how Nintendo doesn't reveal that until 2 months before the game is released)

Trace Memory R announced (this is really just me hoping NoA will in good faith release it here)

Pikmin 3 information (possibly a trailer...but I can't see this being Nintendo's big Wii game for Holiday 2009)

More New Play Control titles. (Kind of a give me...Pikmin 2, and Metroid Prime 1 & 2...possibly Chibi-Robo)

Maybe Takt of Magic and some of the other games from the October 2008 Conference will appear?

Mario & Luigi 3 (This is a give me, the first two games were released here and it is a Mario game)

Card Hero for DS. (With the recent trademark of the game in the US, it wouldn't surprise me.)

A new DSi specific game that takes advantage of the DSi camera. I really can't imagine any of Nintendo's flagship series being used in this. I have a feeling this is probably what Miyamoto's secret project is about.

Made in Ore (dubbed by fans as WarioWare Myself. The game lets you create your own minigames in WarioWare style.)

3D Picross (Planet Puzzle League was released so this is obvious. Will probably be under Touch Generations)

Professor Layton 2 (It was confirmed by a producer at Level 5 that they were working on a localization of the 2nd game. Nintendo has yet to comment on it but with the recent sells influx of the title, I think it's a safe bet)

Wishful Thinking:

Project HAMMER (Makes it's return due to Wii MotionPlus. Nintendo never officially cancelled it, and some of the past people said it was only shelved. Famitsu went so far as to claim it was cancelled. I expect to hear something about it sometime this year if not at E3)

Mario Wii game announced(Mario Galaxy 2 would be nice. Miyamoto seems to tease us about it a lot. But there is only a slim chance this will happen)

StarFox Wii game announced (We haven't had a new game in a few years. With Wii MotionPlus being released, imagine how accurate the flying controls could be!)

Kirby Wii game announced (It keeps appearing on Nintendo's list, ever since the original was announced on the Gamecube 4 or 5 years ago.)

Zelda Wii game announced (Wii MotionPlus control will be more than likely implemented since Link uses a sword.)

Virtual Console for the DSi. (Everyone wants it, but Nintendo has stated they have yet to discuss something of that nature.)

SomaBringer, Glory of Hercules, and Fossil Diggers announced. (The fans want them, and with Nintendo recently localizing older DS games such as Starfy and the trademark for Card Hero, it is very possible that we may get one of these games)

Elite Beat Agents 2 (With iNiS finished with Lips, maybe we will see a new game in the series?)

Band Brothers DX (Reggie talked about the game a few months ago along with Girls Mode. If they struck a deal with a major record label it's possible it'll be released.)


Anonymous said...

I predict mass disappointment from Nintendo fans, but it's ok...I love tasting their sweet tears!

MidnightScott said...

Troll ;X

soaring_wings said...

Glory of Heracles is possible, Siliconera (Spencer) found a trademark(s) a month or two ago. Layton also seems very likely since it has been confirmed by Level 5 themselves. I really hope Layton is announced, as well as Another Code R. (It would be weird for Nintendo not to release it here with a English translation done, but then again they never released Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, which was released in Europe :/)