Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nintendo Looking into Band Brothers DX Localization

“No matter what kind of music, if we tried to do this in other countries it would be very difficult. Therefore, we are currently researching what would be required and what allowed in each region and individual country. If we find an agreeable answer, we certainly want to develop. If we could somehow put together a good deal with one particular music label, it would somewhat reduce the number of choices available [to players], but I believe we could create a game that still offers a variety of possibilities.” - Satoru Iwata
Well it looks like Iwata is thinking about bringing Band Brothers DX to the US, albeit it'll have to have different music. Lets hope it does come to the US! Also Iwata, why not bring Soma Bringer, Kaseki Holder, and Glory of Heracles to the rest of the world! :)

Source: GameCyte via GoNintendo

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