Thursday, August 28, 2008

Metallic Silver DS Lite hits shelves September 7th

In an expected move, Nintendo will now be releasing the Metallic Silver DS Lite in the US on September 7th. The color has been rumored to be coming out soon, and we have just received confirmation from a leaked Best Buy ad.

The system was first released as a two-tone color with black, and branded with Guitar Hero logo in the Guitar Hero game bundle for the DS. Another reason for people to pick up a DS Lite if you don't already have one is in tune with this. Now all we need is for the special edition systems from Japan to be released in the US at normal retail price. (My Dialga & Palkia DS Lite was $330 in a bundle pak from Poké, and Nintendo just released it in the US for the regular DS price point of $129.99, making me sad & mad)

I still wish we got the Enamel Navy DS Lite, and we are still waiting for the Ice Blue. There is always a chance the Red and Green DS Lite's from Europe will be released in the US in the future, so be on the lookout for more news!

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